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Hello! I started this blog about 5 years ago and I’m just getting around to using it. My intention was to create a space where I could publish my poetry and writing.

However, as my life’s purpose has drastically changed, I have been guided to reach out and offer my healing services as well.

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to browse around, to comment or start a discussion or contact me with any questions.


A Remembrance of Light

There was light that day

blinding, burning

after a time

skies were blue

and stunningly quiet.

White paper fell

twirling, swirling

covering the boroughs

in heaps of trash

as people passed.

Spirit sparks flew high

leaping, weeping

ultimately reaching

safety in Heaven

the Towers fallen.

There is Light in my eyes

fearlessly, fiercely

holding space for peace

one people, one love

under the Central Sun.

Leave behind your hatred

retaliating, repatriating

see yourself in your neighbor

find joy, happiness and favor

in a world together as One.

Maria L. Park©



I wonder if the people outside of Oxford

were aware the world was ending,

as malaise and death crept

into their humble homes;

watching loved ones die in agony

whilst thinking they would mending.

The Black Death, razing cities, farms, householders, and hovels:

no respecter of persons, the virus buried all with shovels.

Should we have known, 600 years later with more education on board,

after Ebola, H1N1, AIDS, and the Spanish Flu.

that our Human race was as vulnerable to the virus horde,

as the Middle ages were to the Plague the rats once bore?

Swiftly overtaken, city by state we fell,

denial of severity spreading the global death knell.

Questionably, we sit at the peak of surging cases,

what more do we know: wash hands, cover faces?

Is this the End of The World as we know it,

or will we learn this time through compassion, Love, and Wit?

Only time, in our new tomorrow, will tell.

Maria L. Park 4/13/2020 ©

Musings from a poet

Flowing from my heart, words are like drops of blood.

I was born in blood, had my own blood drawn by loving hands.

Red was never my favorite color, it always seemed to flood.

Love, a concept foreign, available only in distant lands.

Christ had his hands pierced, they nailed him to a cross.

Was I sacrificed by family, a heretic to be silenced?

Blind as a baby, even then my life was a total loss.

Stuck in an environment, which only thrived in violence.

Physically aging, soul hiding in dark and quiet.

My spirit knew a yearning, for catalytic release.

My voice began to grow, becoming a chaotic riot.

Keening loudly, begging, for the pain to finally cease.

A resounding crack, my broken heart was freed,

From the bonds of captivity by Spirit’s strongest Light.

Out poured abandonment, deprivation and need.

I began to see the miracles, through Spirit’s blessed sight.

Maria L. Park©


Thriving 2

Angel Light

A flickering glitter, a clear shining bright,
an Angel shows up on a stormy night.

The fear of floundering, of losing the fight
the Angel supports her as she regains her sight.

The lightning-strike fear, the thundering depression
the endless abuse created submission.

The fog that descended to numb the desecration
had frozen her limbs, no further disintegration.

As soft cradling wings and warming heat rays
thaw the freeze and show her the ways
of a Love that is gentle and unconditionally stays,
she slowly awakens and enters the maze.

With each tentative step, her weakened heart reaches
for oblivion and finds instead an Angel that teaches.

Each flood of tears, the poisoned love leaches
slowly out until the perpetrator releases
the passionate soul that wanted to die.

Angel wings lift her high in the sky,
the mission-created self of agony sighs
the essential soul free towards God begins to fly.

Maria L. Park